Faison Today

The Town of Faison is located in Eastern North Carolina, half way between Raleigh and Wilmington, 3 miles off I-40, at Exit 355. View Map – Traveling to Faison.

The Town of Faison is a historic town. The town’s Historic District is on the National Register of Historic Places. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Faison’s strategic location along the Wilmington to Weldon railroad made it a major center for agricultural commerce and shipping point for agricultural products, by rail, to northern cities. In the mid-1900’s, farmers from miles around, would bring their products to the Faison Produce Market, to be auctioned/sold and shipped, mostly by truck, to northern markets.

Today, Faison has emerged as an international exporter of food products. Major agribusinesses include, Bay Valley FoodsSouthern Produce DistributorsCottle Farms, and Burch Farms. The Town of Faison embraces its history. The original Faison Depot Train Station c1888, was moved to the Town Park and today serves as a Public Library and Public Museum.

As a result of the construction of Interstate Highway, I-40, from Raleigh to Wilmington, growth along this corridor has been on the rise. This has been benefited the town and its residents in many ways. In addition, I-40 and other highway construction, in the area, has shortened the time required for residents of the Faison area to access resources in other towns along the I-40 corridor and other areas. View the page, “Faison – Centrally Located in Eastern North Carolina“.

The Faison Area is also a patriotic community, proudly claiming more than 700 veterans from all wars. In October 2015, Faison honored its veterans with an event attended by more than 800 people.

The Faison Community has maintained its commitment to the community’s youth through its Recreation and Sports programs. In May 2018, the Town of Faison will host a sports event, “Old Timers’ Day, Celebrating 100 Years of Sports History in the Faison Area“. Teams, Athletes, and Coaches, from the 1900’s, will be recognized, at this event. Proceeds from this event will be used in support of the youth sports programs.

Faison continues to be a great place to livework, and play.