What is the tax rate in Faison?

0.60 per $100.00

How do I contact the Town of Faison?

You may contact the Town Hall by:
Phone:  910-267-2721
Fax:      910-267-1848
Mayor, Billy Ward – mayor@faisonnc.org
Executive Administrator, Zoning Administrator,
Code Enforcement Officer, Animal Control Officer-Jimmy Tyndall – jtyndall@faisonnc.org
Town Clerk, Sharon Lee – slee@faisonnc.org
Assistant Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Anne Letchworth – aletchworth@faisonnc.org
Public Works Director, Billy Mello – bmello@faisonnc.org
Recreation Director, Matthew Scott –mscott@faisonnc.org
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 365, Faison, NC  28341
Physical Address   110 North East Center Street, Faison

When and where are the Town Board meetings held?

Town Board meetings are held at 7 pm on the 1st Wednesday night of each month at the town hall.  Any schedule changes will be posted in advance.

How do I get my water turned on?

To have services turned on, you will need to fill out a Utility Service Application and pay the Utility Deposit fee.

How much is the utility deposit?

Utility Deposit is $200 for renters, $60 for home owners.  There is also a $15 Administration Fee for both owners and renters.

Will I receive my deposit back after my final utility bill?

When your final bill is processed, the amount due will be deducted from your deposit.

If I am relocating within the town limits is there an additional service fee or deposit?

There is a $15 transfer fee.

What is the due date for water bills?

Bills are due the 21st of each month. Failure to pay will result in a $15.00 late penalty.
Previous balance must be paid before the 5th of the following month to avoid disconnection. An additional $30.00 disconnect fee will be added to customer’s bill regardless of whether the service has been turned off.
All past due and present bills, including penalties, must be paid before services will be restored. No second notice will be sent.
For additional rate information, please contact our office at 910-267-2721.
For your convenience, a drop box is available for all payments made after hours.


If my water service is discontinued due to an unpaid bill, is there a reconnection fee required?

There is a $30 reconnection fee.

What is the Town’s policy concerning returned checks?

There is a $25 fee

What is the schedule for trash and recyclable pickup?

Yard debris will be picked up on Tuesday of each week *
Garbage and recyclable is picked up every Thursday
Household items will be picked up on Friday of each week*
*Weather permitting

If I am planning on constructing a new building or making an addition or alteration to an existing building in the Town of Faison, what am I required to do?

 You are required to get a zoning permit.  The permit application fee is based on square footage and will be determined with review of the application.