Town Commissioners

William (Billy) Ward
Mayor pro-tem (Term 2021-2025)

Danny Blackburn
(Term 2019-2023)

Juan Carlos Quintanilla
(Term 2019-2023)

Ken Avent
(Term 2022-2023)

Sandy McCarty
(Term 2021-2025)

1st Row – Mayor Carolyn Kenyon, Commissioner Carlos Quintanilla, Town Clerk Sharon Lee.  2nd Row – Commissioners Sandy McCarty, Kenneth Avent, Jr., Danny Blackburn, and Billy Ward.

Role and Functions of Town Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners as a Governing Board must act as a collective body; they must act as this Governing Board only when properly convened in a legal meeting.  They hold ultimate authority to act for the Town.  They decide what services the Town provides and at what level.

The Board of Commissioners establish the Town’s fiscal policy by adopting the annual budget ordinance, and they Levey the town taxes.

The Board of Commissioners adopt the Town ordinances. In addition, they may authorize the Town to enter into a contract, buy, or sell a parcel or property, award the successful bid on a purchase or a construction project or accept the dedication of a street.

The Board of Commissioners hire and fire Department Heads and Municipal Staff.

Each Board Member can be assigned to a specific area of responsibility such as Water/Sewer Commissioner, Street/Sidewalk Commissioner, Business Liaison Commissioner, Planning Board Commissioner, etc.